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Willson International Customs Brokerage About Us

Who We Are

Since 1918, Willson International has been a revolutionary force in simplifying North American cross-border trade with client-focused customs brokerage and logistics solutions.

With service locations at major gateways along the Canada-U.S. border, in addition to trusted logistics partners around the world, Willson helps ensure on-time and cost-effective distribution of your goods.

Our goal is to break through the industry barriers and deliver exemplary service to importers and exporters across North America. Willson International will guide your supply chain process so you can get back to running your business.

Specialized Expertise
Willson International is a fourth-generation, family owned business with deep-rooted experience and expertise in the regulatory environment of international trade. Using real-time and innovative technology tools, web portals and expertly trained client service specialists, Willson has upheld its reputation as the service provider of choice to a wide variety of time-sensitive and logistically complex businesses, including the food, steel, produce, floral and automotive sectors, among others. We facilitate global trade through:

Our customs and logistics specialists quickly and professionally navigate technology, processes and regulations to identify only the best options that meet importers’ and exporters’ unique needs. We’re thorough, precise and forward-thinking — exactly what our clients need to succeed in a competitive world.

We are active participants in the following major industry associations and government agencies:

Our experience with Willson International has been flawless.

Paul Procyk, President, Procyk Farms (1994) Limited