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BC is Canada’s healthiest province, ranking 3rd in the world. Why?

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BC is the only province to score an A on a recent international health *report. Perhaps even more impressive, BC ranks 3rd in the world behind Switzerland and Sweden. (For perspective, Canada scores 10th overall, with a B.)


How is health measured?

BC scored an A for: life expectancy, self-reported health, mortality due to cancer, premature mortality

BC scored a B for: self-reported mental health, mortality due to: a) heart disease and stroke; b) respiratory diseases; c) nervous system diseases, and; d) suicides

The only C was for mortality due to diabetes. Canada also scored C, and has the second highest prevalence of diabetes in the world (among peer countries.)


What is it about BC?  #PeopleFirst

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Experts report that individual choices significantly affect heath, the most important being

1) Eating healthy food

2) Getting regular physical activity

3) Good lifestyle habits


Research shows BC is strong in all the right areas. In BC: 

What else is it about BC?  Location.

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BC is a sea to sky wonderland that is rich and fertile. If Hippocrates was right, “Let food be thy medicine,” then this Garden of Eden contributes to BC’s high ranking in health. The province abounds in fruit, vegetables, nuts, fish and seafood, serving the domestic market and exporting to the global marketplace. Some top exports are: Atlantic salmon, and super-foods such as blueberries, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, cherries, cranberries, and beans.


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Willson International Customs Brokerage and Logistics now has a sales force in place in BC. The office will be open January 2016. We have a long history in many sectors, including produce export and import. Willson is a family owned, 4th generation Canadian company that has been operating across Canada and the U.S. since 1918. Call Jacob Froude at 604-344-5009. Or Dena Conwright at 604-345-8338.     #HelloBC

BC is Canada’s healthiest province

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