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Choosing The Right Logistics Partner


In this ever changing global economy, the need for efficient and secure transportation of your product is greater than ever. When evaluating a logistics provider, we tend to be drawn to the provider with the lowest rates, while forgetting the importance of other aspects of what a good logistics provider brings to the table, and how they can make us more competitive and attractive to our own customers. While there are many things to consider, there are three very important areas you want to focus on to ensure you’re creating value through your logistics provider.




These three areas of focus can positively impact revenue, cost and risk management, if managed effectively with your logistics provider

Technology is rapidly changing in every industry. Look for logistics providers who continually invest in technology, thereby improving accuracy, speed of execution, customer service and cost efficiency. Choose a provider with technology that;

1) Ensures accurate, secure record keeping

2) Enhances data integration and customization of reports

3) Provides real-time information to help you manage your business more effectively

4) Reduces or eliminates data entry requirements and associated costs

Information and knowledge create business value that can influence how you execute your strategy. The best information (accurate, reliable, efficient, thorough and timely) can be leveraged to increase your competitive advantage. Having a customized logistics solution that focuses on giving you competitive edge, through access to highly valuable information in real-time, sets you apart and truly makes you different from the rest. Everyone says they’re different from the competition, but very few truly are.

Partnership should be one of complete trust. Your logistics provider should act as an extension of your business and make decisions that will improve your business and create added value to your customers too. Being pro-active and having the expertise to help you problem-solve, is something you need to assess when selecting your logistics provider. Look for an experienced, dedicated team, with a single point of contact. Expect a strong sense of urgency and purpose with 24/7 availability.

Choose a logistics provider that will optimize your process end to end (including customs brokerage and compliance) by using technology, information, and meaningful collaboration, so you can focus on your core competencies and maximize success. The longevity of a good logistics provider often reflects in-depth experience, expertise, vision, agility and commitment to clients.

In a strong partnership everyone involved does what they do best.

As Marc Cuban says,

“Know your core competency and focus on it.”

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