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How to Choose a Customs Broker

Customs brokers manage your import and export transactions to ensure efficient and secure customs compliance. But did you know that brokers also have the potential to “turn knowledge into business value?” (

Business intelligence is increasing in importance as world trade grows and as trade agreements become more complex. Complexity need not be a barrier to expansion. However, it necessitates partnership with experts. When evaluating a customs brokerage, look for the three pillars that contribute to excellence in execution.

Technology, Information, People & Partnership

  1. Technology

Technology is rapidly changing every industry. Look for brokerages that continue to invest in technology, thereby improving accurate execution, customer service and cost efficiency. Technology

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  1. Information

Information and knowledge create business value that can influence your execution and strategy. The best information (accurate, reliable, efficient and timely) can be leveraged when experts know your business and ask the right questions. Don’t assume your current information is correct: a recent KPMG study showed that 70% of companies do not fully leverage Free Trade Agreements. 

  1. People & Partnership 

You don’t build a business.

You build people,

and then the people build the business.

 – Zig Ziglar

Customs is a business of relationships, not rates. The partnership should be one of complete trust. Your broker should understand your business goals and growth plans, should be pro-active, and help problem-solve.

Look for an experienced, certified team that includes members and leaders in important industry associations. Expect a strong sense of urgency and purpose. Expect 24/7 availability. Note that the longevity of a company often reflects in-depth experience, expertise, vision, agility and commitment.

In a strong partnership everyone involved does what he or she does best. 

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Marc Cuban says, “Know your core competency and focus on it.”


Look for a brokerage that will optimize your customs process by using technology, information, people and partnership, so you can focus on your core competencies and maximize success. 

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