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Release Notification System: Creating an Informed Supply Chain

With the changing of the seasons and the colder months approaching, Canadians depend on imports to get their fresh fruits and vegetables.  For Willson International October through December is “high season” for bringing in this produce with over 8% of their clients centred in the Agricultural industry.  Everyday new shipments arrive from all over the world, varying in size and in type, which then must be distributed to locations across Canada.

The main issue with this process is its lack of predictability. Customers are never too sure where the product is in the supply chain system or what, exactly, they will be receiving due to the seasonality of the produce industry.  This uncertainty with exact arrival times or incoming product can hinder the overall business of local Canadian buyers.  In attempts to improve this process Willson International initiated the Release Notification System (RNS).  The system allows the shipper and the receiver to be in constant contact, creating a more informed and predictable supply chain.  A digital message is sent immediately as the shipment crosses the Canadian border, providing current location and delivery details. 

The initial development of RNS allowed Willson International clients to be more involved in the supply chain management, ultimately giving them the competitive advantage to plan menus, daily deals and seasonal picks ahead of time.  Although other logistics firms have replicated the RNS, Willson International is proud to be one of the first to develop this tool that provides a smooth and more efficient process for their clients.  Communication is the key to a good supply chain, especially when dealing with the seasonal and time sensitive product like produce.

Below is a sample of an RNS message that would be sent to the receiver.

Exhibit 1 sample RNS-2

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Jack Langelaan