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Summer At Willson

My name is Jordan Garcia, I am now 20 years old and a co-op student from Wilfrid Laurier University, working at Willson International. Going into this summer, while looking for a co-op position for my first work term, I was feeling extremely nervous and looking for a company that I could develop a greater understanding of sales and marketing. That is when I discovered Willson International. Right from the beginning this appeared to be an opportunity that I could not let slip through my fingers. Now, as the summer comes to a close, I am fortunate enough to be sharing my experience in the time that I have been at Willson.

My time at Willson International has been nothing short of an amazing experience. Being a part of such a historic company, especially as a student in University is a tremendous honour. Willson International is a Customs Brokerage and Logistics firm that has been a family-run business for over 97 years. It is a great workplace for all fields of business and all types of personalities. The people here really welcome you to be part of the Willson family from the moment you step through the doors. They all care about their fellow workers, the job they are doing, the company they work for and most importantly the clients they service.

When I first started my time at Willson, I was personally introduced to the entire staff at the head office. From that moment on, I gained valuable experience while working alongside a close knit team of people. In joining the inside sales team, from the very first day, we all sat in the lunchroom together. We began sharing stories of our personal lives, and how our employment history had brought us to Willson. Even though I was only a co-op student being employed for the summer, I immediately felt that I was part of the team.

As an inside sales representative, my role and the expectations that came along with it were clearly represented by my manager. She made transition into my role easy with guidebooks to refer to, and a mentor to work alongside to show me how to use the operating system effectively while going about my day to day tasks. From the beginning, I started making calls, speaking with companies of various size and industries, attempting to book them an appointment to speak with one of our experienced account executives. While calling prospective clients, I began to realize the value that we can offer them, with the effort and care that employees dedicate to Willson International and its clients. Along with calling potential clients, myself and the entire inside sales team are tasked with setting reminders to follow up as well as e-mail the various companies in one’s territory.

Additionally as a co-op student, I was given other responsibilities throughout my time at Willson, to provide me with a larger outlook of the business. To mention a few, my tasks included creating master employee lists, generating lead lists from trade organizations we are members of as well as other external sources. I was also involved with the creation and improvement of internal forms, spreadsheets and processes while updating all to reflect our new branded colours.

One of my favourite projects was selling company sweaters with the former Willson International logo to raise money for a local charity. This was done by sending out e-mails to all employees, seeing if they would be willing to purchase these sweaters with all proceeds going to this charitable organization, called ArtHouse.

When I received e-mails from Willson International employees I was responsible for tracking their size, and branch location, then coordinating the exchange money and their sweater. Finally, when all these orders were completed we raised over $800 with Willson International matching every dollar for a total over $1600. With this money, ArtHouse will be able to provide an artistic camp experience free of charge to children who may not have had the experience otherwise. This has been one of my greatest accomplishments during my time at Willson International. Being able to see that this company wants to give back to the local community is extremely rewarding.

Being part of this organization has allowed me to see a great example of a very cohesive inside sales team, their purpose, importance as well as the outcome of their efforts. The environment and the people that I had the opportunity to work with, really helped me to grow as an individual and further my business knowledge. There are many skills that can be learned from such a position and I would definitely recommend applying to Willson for anyone looking for valuable experience.

As my work term here at Willson International comes to a close, I know this company gave me a very meaningful experience. I feel that I was able to contribute to my team and the company as a whole which allowed me to further myself greatly this summer. This has been a wonderful company to work for and I greatly appreciate everything it has done for me and for the community as well. I have learned so many valuable skills in sales, marketing, and business operations throughout this summer. As I head back to university in September, I will bring with me all that this company and the amazing people working for it have taught me.

Jordan Garcia

Inside Sales Representativeart-house

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