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The Paperless Process

Willson International is proud to offer the e-billing option to our clients. Currently, over 65% of our customers have signed up for this paperless process with new users signing up everyday. In light of the present situation with the Canada Post, e-billing offers the most viable alternative. The benefits include:



• By switching to electronic bills, statements, and payments, the average household saves 6.6 pounds of paper, avoids producing 171 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions, and saves .079 of a tree annually

• Guaranteed delivery of billing

• No more waiting for the post office

• Determine your landed costs sooner

• Save on long-term file storage of paper documents by storing electronically


The traditional forms of communication especially in business are transitioning. Willson International understands this shift and has developed a transaction process that is compatible, efficient and more effective.


If you want to know more about Willson’s e-billing system, contact us here!


Angela Collins