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The Transition from the Post-Secondary World to the Professional World Made Easy with Willson International

The plan may seem straightforward when you first embarked on your journey through post-secondary school. Graduate, land a job related to your field and then breeze through work like it’s the first day of school.  The only problem is you’re no longer a student- this is your career!

It can be intimidating when you realize just how drastically different the professional life is from the familiar post-secondary life.  Don’t worry though, at Willson International, we try to make the transition from student to professional a smooth and painless process. tumblr_inline_mfc1dpAnuN1qiihm6

Willson International offers a wide variety of summer opportunities, which help students obtain experience in a dynamic and professional environment. We have plenty of partnerships with educational institutions that give young individuals the opportunity to gain valuable professional experience within our organization.

In 2012, Willson International founded a scholarship program that partners with Fleming College in Peterborough to offer two scholarships annually within our Custom BorderServices Department:

Willson International: William F. Willson Award  

Willson International: Raymond F. Willson Award

Students who come on board with us are fully integrated into our culture. They’re required to complete our standard training programs for new employees, join our corporate social network and are held to the high standards we expect from our experts. In the five-week summer program, we have students working right away allowing them to gain valuable experience and knowledge. On average, about 80% of the interns who participate in our program end up working for us either full-time or for the duration of the summer becoming an integral part of our success.

Students have the opportunity to work alongside our professionals in many departments including operations, sales and client services to gain industry knowledge, and professional experience. Many of our summer students and co-operative education students join our team once their schooling obligations are complete.Fleming College Graduate and former Willson co-op student, Adam Scobie reflects on his experience that landed him a full time job – “Having been given the opportunity to turn a co-op experience into what has now become a career has been great for me and I attribute much of my amazing experience to Willson International.”

Find out for yourself how Willson’s internship program could benefit you and your career:


Anne Marie McBride