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Update: RESOLVED! Power Outage Affecting Michigan Operations

On Friday night a massive storm system moved through Detroit, Michigan and our Southgate office suffered a major power outage. A total of  365,000 DTE (Power Company) customers were left without power. We were advised by DTE that they anticipate power to be restored on Thursday, September 11th around 11:30pm.


Power has been restored as of this morning. I would like to acknowledge and thank the Willson operations team, who on a warm summer Friday night, left their homes to come into WNY or signed in from home to ensure that our customers continued to receive unmatched customer service.


I would also like to thank ALL of the others in the US branches who changed schedules, travelled to Port Huron, went to Southgate at 7:00 a.m. only to walk up and down stairs to get equipment to work from home. In addition, those who have come in early and/or stayed late to ensure that we are still operating seamlessly with no visibility to our clients that our Southgate office had been affected. Your dedication to Willson International and our clients is truly appreciated. And I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our US Management Team for inspiring and leading these amazing people. This was an remarkable demonstration of true teamwork, urgency and purpose. Thanks again!


Angela Collins

Willson International Angela Collins