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What Our Customers Have to Say about Willson’s NRI Services

Any foreign resident company that sells products to Canadian customers is eligible to become a Non Resident Importer (NRI). A NRI takes care of the customs clearance for Canadian shipments and provides a landed cost including transportation, customs brokerage fees, duties and taxes.

Willson International assists new and existing NRIs enjoy a better experience at the border. Our NRI client base consists mainly of US based companies involved in a variety of industries ranging from food producers to steel mills and everything in between. Every one of our NRI customers is unique and requires a unique solution.  We work closely with our NRI clients to understand their business and create sustainable customs clearance solutions that work.


Customer Story: Toy Company Ships to Major On-Line Retailers in Canada

A toy company in Illinois recently landed new sales contracts with two major on-line retailers in Canada: ™and™. The terms of sale were Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), with the vendor responsible for the transportation and customs related costs to the buyer’s location in Canada.

Key Issues:

The company needed to act quickly to ensure the orders to their new customers arrived on time and with no delays at customs. They had some knowledge of US import regulations, but were unfamiliar with Canadian requirements. The company had some bad experiences shipping to Canada in the past and was concerned about losing visibility on orders once they left their facility.

Willson Solutions:

Willson met with the company and helped them understand their obligations as a NRI. We made sure their business was properly registered in Canada and we provided them with the information they needed for duty processing and Canadian tax filing. We reviewed their product database and worked with them to assign the Canadian customs codes for each of their items. After providing them with document templates and instructions for their carriers, we programmed our system to automatically notify them the moment an order clears the border. We also created an on line client portal on our web site, allowing them to monitor the status of their shipment throughout the customs clearance process.

The Outcome:

The company easily completed their NRI set up, installed a Canadian customs database, and within a few weeks was ready to ship with confidence. The first orders cleared the border efficiently and arrived on time. The company made use of Willson’s border release notification and client portal to give their clients an accurate update for delivery.


Customer Story: Liquid Flavor Supplier Ships to Canada by Courier

A California based supplier of liquid flavor ingredients experienced significant growth in their on-line business orders to Canada.

Key Issues:

The supplier ships by courier and had been using the courier company to clear their orders through customs. The courier company was routinely misclassifying the products, resulting in overpayment of import duties and taxes, customs examinations, lengthy delays in delivery and returned shipments. To make matters worse, the courier company would often request payment for customs clearance at the time of delivery, upsetting the supplier’s Canadian customers. The supplier decided to become a NRI and take care of the customs clearance for all of their shipments to Canada, but they didn’t know where to begin.

Willson Solutions:

Willson met with the supplier, and helped them establish a Canadian business number and register for Canadian tax filing. We reviewed their products and worked with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Canada Border Services Agency to determine the appropriate tariff classification codes and, to apply a tax exemption code to their products. We provided instructions to include on their shipping documents and advised the courier company to turn over all customs documents to Willson for clearance. We installed a client portal on our web site, allowing the supplier to monitor the status of their shipment throughout the customs clearance process and we programmed our system to automatically notify them the moment an order clears the border.

The Outcome:

All of the customs documents from the supplier are being automatically routed from the courier company to Willson for customs clearance. Since they started working with Willson, the supplier has had no delays at the border, their shipments are being classified properly and there have been no customs examinations. The Canadian customers are receiving their shipments on time and with no unexpected charges. The supplier makes use of the release notification messages and client portal on our website to track their orders and provide customers with accurate delivery times.


“Willson International has made shipping to Canada easier for our customers. The customer support is amazing for us and our customers.” – Liquid Flavor Supplier


Willson NRI

Written by Willson NRI Specialist, Dawson Ives 

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