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NAFTA Certificate of Origin Renewal

2019 Blanket NAFTA Certificate of Origin (NCO) Renewal

As your Customs Broker it is important to us that you receive benefit from NAFTA uninterrupted at the turn of the year.  To accomplish that, providing us with NAFTA information prior to December 31st of each calendar year is to our mutual benefit.

Willson International introduced alternatives for NAFTA management, which have been very successful.  They aided many of you in streamlining the maintenance of your Blanket NAFTA Certificates of Origin (BNCOs) over the past couple of years.

Below are three options.  Please contact your Willson service representative if you have any questions or concerns or would like to discuss the fees associated with these options.

Option 1

As the Importer of Record who holds the ultimate responsibility to Customs, you can maintain the BNCOs yourself.

During the past year, clients have had great success “signing off” on NAFTA for the applicable year.  In general, import data within our system remains consistent from year to year in terms of suppliers and commodities.  If you choose to sign off, we will update your NAFTA data to the next calendar year.  We will only update those goods which qualified for NAFTA the previous year.  You must advise us of any changes in eligibility immediately.

If you are a 2018 sign-off account, please send a letter to cover 2019.  If you are choosing this option for both your north and south bound shipments we will require a letter to cover each of the affected countries.

Please follow the mandatory format for sign-off statements:

2019 Statement from Importer-Of-Record to Import under NAFTA (CANADA)

2019 Statement from Importer-Of-Record to Import under NAFTA (USA)

NAFTA 2019 sign-off agreements can be sent via email or fax:

Fax: 905.816.4403

Option 2

Your 2018 NAFTA profile will be made available to you via email.  The profile can be reviewed and changed to reflect 2019 NAFTA eligibility on a product line by product line basis.  Once completed, you can return this file to us so that we can update our database.  We will also require a written 2019 NAFTA declaration similar to that noted above. This option better suits more complex databases with regular modifications.  If you are interested in this option, please contact:

Phone: 1.866.535.1918
Fax: 905.816.4403

Option 3

Provide fully executed BNCOs prior to the expiration of your 2018 certificates.  We suggest that you consider staggering the expiration dates of your BNCOs to avoid the end of the year rush to acquire and provide these important documents.

If you choose this option, the scheduled fees will apply.  Please keep this in mind when considering your options for NAFTA 2019 renewals.  We will process BNCOs on a first-come, first-served basis.

NAFTA 2019 certificates of origin can be sent via email or fax:

Fax: 905.816.4403

We encourage you to review these options carefully. Option 2 should be considered as noted.  Please remember full fees will apply if option 3 is chosen.

Your continued support in choosing one of these three options will help us “Execute with Excellence” while securing your 2019 NAFTA.