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Non-Resident Importer Customs Brokerage

Importing into Canada? Clear Customs Faster with NRI Registration

U.S./International businesses importing into Canada may be eligible to register as a Non-Resident Importer (NRI), enabling them to streamline customs clearances, and offer client’s landed costs for transportation, brokerage fees, duties and taxes.

Willson International works closely with clients to understand their business and create a distinctive NRI solution that works. Our NRI programs make shipping to Canada as simple as shipping to another U.S. state.

By becoming NRI registered, your company is the Importer of Record into Canada and Canadian sales resemble a more domestic form of transaction. The NRI program is best for companies that sell directly to Canadian consumers, retailers and businesses. Under Canadian law, a company that has registered as an NRI:

Under the NRI program, you relieve your Canadian customers of the responsibility involved with importation, making it easier for them to buy your products. Willson goes the extra distance to help get you set up properly and help increase sales into Canada by removing border clearance challenges.

How We Help

Willson helps ensure your business is registered properly in Canada, providing you with the information needed for duty processing and Canadian tax filing. Our team can review your product database to help assign the correct Canadian harmonized codes for each item. We then provided you with document templates and instructions for carriers.  To ensure visibility on your shipments, we set our system to automatically notify you the moment each order clears the border. We also have a customized online web portal, allowing you to monitor the status of shipments throughout the customs clearance process.

How It Benefits Your U.S. Business

NRI program benefits include:

NRI registration helps enhance your ordering process be allowing you to offer a selling price that reflects the total shipping cost, including tax and duty rates. You also benefit from consistent clearance processing methods that help reduce customs delays — creating potentially faster delivery times.

With an NRI registration, you can also consolidate your shipments, thereby lowering shipping costs. Whether your potential customer is large retailers, small businesses or consumer direct sales, an NRI registration will help improve your potential opportunities.

Learn more about how Willson International can help you expand into Canada through the NRI program.

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