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Switching Customs Brokers

We Help Make the Move Easy

We understand that changing customs brokerage providers is a big decision, with major considerations. When clients make the switch, we help ease the transition.

How We Do It

  1. Client Assistance Package:

    As soon as you decide to make the move to Willson International, we create a Client Assistance Package that clearly outlines the information needed for a smooth transition. Your sales representative will provide this once our contract is finalized.

  2. Questions Answered:

    Next, a member of Willson’s Customer Transition and Compliance team meets with you to answer any questions you might have and outlines a schedule to gather supporting documentation.

  3. Account Setup:

    We go beyond the norm in setting up your account. During the transition process, we’ll review your transaction history, tariffs used, rulings received, any penalties received, NAFTA’s and identify any areas of concern and next steps. This important information is all captured in a database we create for you. Once it’s complete, your account is ready to go.

  4. Some Final Steps:

    As you might expect, there are some legalities and finer points. We do a credit check to establish your credit. We will also ask you for a signed Power of Attorney (U.S.) and General Agency Agreements (Canada) to transact business on your behalf.

  5. We Notify Your Current Carrier:Once everything is complete, we will notify your carriers of the change to Willson International.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Once you are aboard, we assign a Technical Service Representative (TSR) to your account and business. That individual will have the responsibility to keep current on your business and provide an accessible contact whenever you need one.

Along with our sales representative, they will schedule regular visits with you on whatever frequency you desire. We also take steps to ensure clients are never exposed to potential penalties, especially with responsibility for compliance now resting with the importer. From time to time, Willson proactively conducts compliance reviews using a proprietary scorecard process to ensure that we are current on all aspects of your business.

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Since switching to Willson International in early 2009, we have noticed a tremendous improvement in our clearance times. Our drivers no longer face the delays that were commonplace with our previous broker. Our customers receive their shipments on-time, as promised.

Howard J. Renault, Purchasing & Logistics Manager, Great Lakes Copper Inc.