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WILLTRADE Technology Suite

Willson Technology Helps Streamline Cross-Border Trade

The Willson suite of technology tools helps make the entry, processing, tracking and retrieval of data simple and efficient for our clients.

Our proprietary tools are desktop- and mobile device-friendly with easy-to-navigate and customizable screens. Both your Canadian and U.S. information is integrated into real-time onscreen results, and you can also enable push messaging and alerts for shipments. Whether you are in the office or on the go, the WILLTRADE suite offers 24/7 information access.

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With just a web browser, securely access a web portal system that enables you to see shipment status, summaries of shipment release (B-3 and 7501 information), invoices, customized reports (including billing information and valuable news), tariff information organized by vendor, customs forms, and Industry news and regulatory changes geared to your business. This central repository can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Through our web portal, you can also use our Electronic Content Management system, allowing you to access and download backup documents associated with a shipment.


This secure web-based platform allows Willson clients to upload part-driven shipment information for transmission by Willson to CBSA or CBP. It is accessed through the WILLTRADE portal. All vendor and tariff information is available through a series of lists and drop-down selections, and all data is maintained in the Willson client database.


Shipment information may either be loaded via direct access to a client’s part number-driven system or may be entered manually. Our technology allows for an easy transition on start-up, and for ongoing additions or changes as required.