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CETA Origin Declaration

There is no Certificate of Origin required for goods that originate under CETA.  According to the Agreement, an origin declaration, as indicated in Annex 2 is what is required.

The declaration can be shown on a commercial invoice or on a separate document.  If shown on a separate document, the invoice number should appear on the separate document containing the origin declaration.  If the invoice contains only one good, then the invoice number would suffice, however, should the invoice contain multiple shipments, then there should also be a description of the good sufficient enough to be able to identify which good(s) on the invoice is being certified as originating under the CETA.

Consequently, the CBSA may reject a separate document, even when it accompanies the commercial invoice, should the separate document not contain sufficiently identifiable information linking it to the goods in question.

As well, CBSA has indicated that to ensure that the origin declaration is not rejected by one of the customs administrations it is best to state “Canada/EU” as per footnote 3 of the declaration.