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NCBFAA Offers APHIS Core Webinar – Are you ready for August 3rd?

NCBFAA’s Regulatory Agencies Committee (RAC) invites you to the first of a series of in-depth Webinars featuring APHIS officials and knowledgeable customs brokers to walk you through the essential steps of using the APHIS Core message set.

APHIS regulates a broad range of commodities – from fruits and vegetables to cut flowers to animal products and more. In fact, APHIS has flagged more than 2,000 HTS subheadings that may contain APHIS-regulated products!  The data elements APHIS requires may be unfamiliar to your company.

The kickoff webinar on February 5th will help you understand the range of products and familiarize you with the APHIS Core Message Set.  APHIS will show you how to work with their detailed Trade Guide and other resources while an experienced customs broker will share their insights, providing pointers on what to do and what not to do.  Learn what data elements you will need and how to file a disclaimer for products not covered. Come prepared to ask questions!

This Webinar is open to all NCBFAA members and non-members at no charge.

Don’t miss this important webinar, register today!

A series of commodity-specific Webinars will follow in the weeks ahead, as shown in the schedule below:

Feb 12  1 pm EST         Fruits/Vegetables

Feb 20  1 pm EST         Animal Products 

Feb 25  1 pm EST         Miscellaneous & Processed Products 

Feb 27  1 pm EST         Cut Flowers/Plants for Planting 

Mar 3   1 pm EST         Seeds Not for Planting

We encourage all clients impacted by APHIS Core to attend the webinars.