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Tariff Preference Level (TPL) for Certain Textile Shipments

A reminder to clients utilizing Certificates of Eligibility to obtain preferential duty treatment that TPL entries released within 2019 must be filed by December 31, 2019 to be considered timely by CBP.  Please note that December 31st is a Tuesday.

Willson International Inc. requires time to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility and process the entry summary for timely submission to CBP.  Due to the filing deadline in place by CBP, our TPL filing cut-off date will be Wednesday December 18th.

Shipments released after December 18th will not be guaranteed filing by the December 31st deadline.  Please remember that the release date of the shipment is the actual date the carrier crosses the border and the entry is arrived by CBP.  This may not necessarily be the date that the release request was processed.  We ask that you coordinate crossing dates with your carriers accordingly.

While we will make every effort to file all TPL shipments released in 2019 timely for the calendar year, we cannot guarantee the timely submission of any shipments cleared after December 18th, 2019.   Any additional duties incurred resulting from a Certificate of Eligibility being denied will be the direct responsibility of the Importer of Record, not Willson International Inc.

If you have any questions or concerns on this matter, you may contact our US Transition Team at