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Trade Compliance Verifications

Importers are ultimately responsible for the tariff classification of the goods being imported.  A periodic review of the tariff classification numbers should  compliance program.  The tariff schedule can change multiple times per year, so a periodic review should be a part of your company’s compliance activities.

The Customs Tariff is available on the Canada Border Services Agency website and is updated several times a year.  The tariff classification number you have “always used” or the number “was provided” by your vendor, it may not be correct.

The CBSA manages trade compliance with the Tariff Classification, Valuation, and Origin programs using the following two post-release verification processes:

Random verification – these can happen to anyone and it doesn’t matter what is being imported.  Random audits measure risk assessment and revenue loss.  Audits are used to encourage and promote voluntary compliance.

Targeted (priority) verification – these are determined through a risk-based process where CBSA has determined errors to tariff classification have been made in the past.  Additional targets can be added throughout the year and may also be carried over from previous years.

Trade Compliance Verifications