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Certificates of Export Required for Importations of Korean Steel – UPDATE

The announcement was made that beginning October 18th, “Certificates of Export” will be required for Korean Steel imported into the United States that are subject to the absolute quota system.

Importers are advised that only exporters may obtain valid and properly executed certificates of exportation, which exporters may apply for online via the website for the Korea Iron and Steel Association.  These certificates will be needed before entry summary is filed, which is eight (8) days after entry.

This week, U.S. Customs issued CSMS 41021976 advising that a “soft reject testing period…has been extended until further notice.”  An additional CSMS message will be published at least 15 days prior to the completion of this test and initiation of the hard reject of entries lacking the export certificate number.  At that time, shipments will not be able to make entry without the required export number.  The testing period was set to expire on December 31st.

CBP has advised that, if your company would like further information, the contact is:

Julia Peterson, Quota and Agriculture Branch Trade Policy and Programs,

Phone: (202) 384.8905