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China 301 Tariffs: Customs Enforcement Expected Soon

U.S. Customs announced recently that their Office of Regulatory Audit has added sixty (60) new auditors to the staff that will have a focus on enforcing the China 301 tariffs.  Specifically, these audits will be focusing on classification, undervaluation, and changes to country of origin.

The vehicle for the enforcement will be a Customs Form 28 (CF28) Request for Information.  These forms are issued to importers of record and request additional information on the shipment or the specific goods.  For example, if U.S. Customs is verifying classification, the request will be for technical literature on the product.  If U.S. Customs is verifying valuation, the request will be for proof of payment between the foreign seller and the U.S. buyer of the goods.

If you receive one of these forms, please send a copy to and we can assist with the response. You will have thirty (30) days from the date of issuance to reply.