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Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT)

Willson International encourages our clients to pursue participation in Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) CTPAT program.

CBP has launched the CTPAT 2.0 Portal; which existing CTPAT partners may access 24/7/365.

The most up to date information on CTPAT; including current benefits, minimum security criteria and application process is posted on CBP’s website.

Willson International also stresses the importance of container, trailer and seal security.  Information on CBP’s Container Security Initiative (CSI) can be found on CBP’s website.

The use of high security seals that meet or exceed ISO PAS 17712 must be used as defined by CBP.

It is also imperative that all participants in the supply chain develop processes and procedures that increase recognition of security breaches as well as a methodology for contacting CBP or equivalent foreign authority to advise of any deficiency in the supply chain.

Please contact our US Regulatory Team or Willson Client Service Representative if you have any questions regarding CTPAT, program benefits or participation.