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Does your Ocean Freight dock in the U.S. then move to Canada via Truck?

If your company has ocean freight that docks in a U.S. port before it moves to Canada, then important changes will be coming soon. U.S. Customs and Broder Protection will begin enforcement of mandatory ISF-5 filing for these shipments on March 15th, 2019.

If the ISF-5 is not filed, U.S. Customs will begin issuing penalties for violations.

An ISF 5+2 is used for goods that are not ultimately destined for the United States, but will be transiting or moving through the United States and into Canada for entry. Failure to file an ISF 5+2 can result in the shipment being held (exam fees and storage costs).  Willson International has a standard form available for this filing.

Additionally, when these goods are released for movement, they must move in bond to Canada. Please note that bonded carriers are required for these movements.  Only one transportation bond is cut by the carrier for every bill of lading in the shipment.

If a shipment of food has an intermediary destination while transiting through the United States for eventual entry into Canada, prior notice will need to be filed no less than eight (8) hours prior to the arrival of the goods.