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U.S. Surtax remissions

The Department of Finance had advised that with the surtaxes on imports of U.S. products now repealed, the Government will no longer accepting requests for remission.  However, all requests for remission of surtaxes submitted prior to the repeal of Canada’s surtaxes will be assessed.

They have also advised that, subject to the decision of the Minister of Finance and approval by the Governor in Council, pursuant to the assessment of those requests, the list of products eligible for remission of surtaxes on the basis of short supply will be expanded in the context of a next Remission Order.  Any importer can make claims for remission of surtaxes for imports of these products without having previously submitted a request to the Department of Finance.

Aside from remission, relief of surtaxes is also available under the Drawback Program for imports that are subsequently re-exported.

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COVID-19 is a global challenge. Keeping our supply chains moving is important for maintaining the health and wellbeing of citizens and businesses. While the Canada - U.S. border is now closed to non-essential traffic, it is still open for trade and commerce. We are committed to doing our part for global supply chains.

We are protecting the health and safety of our employees. They are working from home, except for critical functions that require certain equipment or managing paper/courier flow. In those cases we are following social distancing guidelines.

We are open and available to assist you, and key players in your supply chains. Our dedicated staff are available 24/7 and our brokerage and logistics experts are available to help you make adjustments to your supply chain, if necessary.

We encourage you to check out the government programs available to families, businesses, exporters and importers. And, while respecting the need for social distancing we encourage everyone, including our staff, to reach out and remain connected to family, friends, colleagues and customers.

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