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Utilization Tables for Steel subject to Provisional Safeguards

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has published the Tariff Rate Quota Utilization Table for steel that is subject to provisional safeguard measures.  The TRQ utilization tables will be updated twice a day (normally at the beginning of the day around 9:00 AM and once at the end of the day).

Effective October 25 2018, import permits and quota restrictions will apply to the import of certain steel.

Notice to Importers – Steel

Shipment-specific permits are issued on demand for shipments of steel goods under the TRQs covered by this Notice. Importers may apply for an import permit up to five days in advance of the shipment’s arrival.

Global Affairs Canada  has confirmed that:
a.  The reference to days is calendar days, not business days.
b.  The reference to “arrival” means release.

A valid shipment-specific import permit is required at the time of accounting. Note that this is different from the usual policy that states the permit must be available at time of release.  AMPS C071 will not be issued for failure to provide the permit number at the time of release.

For example, for goods released on November 2, the permit may be applied for no earlier than October 29. The permit is valid for 14 days and must be available at time of accounting.  For goods that enter a bonded warehouse, the permit must be available and valid when the goods leave the warehouse.  Unlike other TRQ goods, the permit does not have to be available when entering goods into a bonded warehouse.