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Changes in the regulation of nitrification and urease inhibitors

Nitrification and urease inhibitors imported into or sold in Canada are now subject to registration as supplements under the Fertilizers Act and Fertilizers Regulations, administered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

Nitrification and urease inhibitors require a full safety data assessment (Level III) to support registration as laid out in the Guide to Submitting Applications for Registration under the Fertilizers Act.  In addition to a standard Level III safety data package, the environmental benefit of the product must also be demonstrated.  This includes a detailed description of the exact mode of action and a comparison to an appropriate soluble control.

Assessments conducted by other domestic or international regulatory bodies, do not automatically exempt the product from full safety data requirements.  However, all information previously submitted to other jurisdictions is admissible to support registration under the Fertilizers Act and will be considered in the evaluation process.

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