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Exclusions added to Heavy Plate and Stainless Steel Wire subject to Provisional Safeguards

Steel Safeguard Exclusions and Updated CN 19-08

This message is to inform you that Customs Notice 19-08, Final Safeguard Measures Imposed on the Importation of Certain Steel Goods, has been updated to reflect changes made to the product definitions and provide new information on refunds.

Effective August 23, 2019, the definition of heavy plate and stainless steel wire products subject to final safeguards, have been amended to incorporate product exclusions recommended by the Canadian International Trade Tribunal. Going forward, importers of heavy plate and stainless steel wire that fall under one of these exclusions will be exempt from the safeguard surtax.

In addition, the updated Customs Notice provides guidance on how to apply for a refund of safeguard surtax paid on goods now subject to exclusions (refer to the new section “Surtax Remission for Exclusions”).