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Surtax Remission: Summary

Surtax (retaliatory) that was collected in Canada in response to additional duties imposed by the US may be subject to remission.  Surtax paid on goods on this list is subject to remission.  Surtax paid on goods that are not on this list is not eligible for remission.

The process for requesting a remission (refund) of surtax on eligible goods is found in Customs Notice 18-16.  Please pay particular attention to paragraphs 4(e), 6(d) and 9(c) which states: the importer makes a claim for remission to the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness within two years after the date of importation.  Specific conditions for remission may apply; these are also listed in Customs Notice 18-16.

Finance Canada will no longer accept specific remission applications.

Surtax (countermeasures) was also collected on seven types of goods that were not from the US.  This was collected in order to prevent dumping of these goods in Canada.  The CITT ruled that only two types of these goods are subject to surtax and any surtax that was paid on the remaining five types will be automatically refunded by Canada Border Services Agency.