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Turkey and turkey products 2020 WTO Tariff rate quota: Quantities available for allocation

Turkey and turkey products (Items 105 to 113 on the Import Control List) 2020 Tariff rate quota:  Quantities available for allocation

A balance of 270,955 kg, eviscerated equivalent (ee), of the turkey and turkey products tariff rate quota (TRQ) remains available for allocation.

The turkey and turkey products TRQ is allocated to two groups: traditional allocation holders and processors of turkey products not on the Import Control List (the non-ICL group). Allocations are calculated first for the traditional allocation holders and the quantity remaining is allocated to the non-ICL group based on the total of the turkey quantities used in the production of the non-ICL turkey products, during the applicable reference period.

If a portion of the TRQ remains unallocated after the allocation to both the traditional and non-ICL groups have been completed, the remaining available TRQ is allocated as follows:

During the first six months of the allocation year, ending June 30, 2020, the remaining 270,955 kg (ee) of turkey and turkey products TRQ will be allocated to eligible applicants each receiving a share equal to or less than the quantity of turkey for which they apply, on a first-come, first-served basis to:

If you have questions or wish to apply to receive a share equal to or less than the quantity of turkey for which you apply, send your detailed request to:

Note that an allocation of turkey and turkey products TRQ under these provisions has no bearing on the 2021 allocation of the turkey and turkey products TRQ.

The Allocation Method Order – Turkey and Turkey Products (SOR/96-389) (AMO) and the Notice to Importers No. 947, dated October 1st, 2019 (the Notice) provide information on the allocation process for turkey and turkey products.

The Export and Import Permits Act (EIPA) and its regulations, including the AMO are available at : Justice laws website.

The Notice is available at : WTO Turkey and Turkey Products TRQ – Serial No. 947.

The Department will regularly update the amount of turkey and turkey products TRQ that is available for utilization at: Supply managed tariff rate quotas.